Some people may believe that locksmiths can open any type of lock, which isn’t fully true. It depends on their expertise. You have many locks in the commercial and residential field that locksmith can open, but you might find a couple that even a locksmith can’t open if you don’t hire the right locksmith. Usually, this could have to do with a more secured lock system, or it could be because of a more complex system that requires a specialist who has gone specifically into that field of locksmithing.


Safes that are more like a lockbox the locksmith may have no trouble opening. Let’s say, however, that you need to have a traditional safe opened. Your locksmith may find himself unable to open one of these locks because of how it requires specialist knowledge. For this type of lock, you might need to hire a vault or safe specialist because they will have specialized tools to open it. The type of lock also plays a role on who can open it.

Before you dispatch a locksmith out to your residence, first check to see that they have the right knowledge to open safes. In some cases, they won’t be able to open a safe. Still, it would be worth calling someone like A1 Locksmith out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, because even if we can’t open a certain deadbolt lock, we might refer you to a specialist who can help. Working in this business, we have learned how to network with some of the best in the industry.

Locks and Smart Locks

Again, this one requires that you have hired someone familiar with these types of locks. They usually need a little background in IT for them to effectively handle smart lock. A locksmith services that doesn’t understand this field may struggle to accomplish it easily.

Especially if your smart lock has started to malfunction, it requires the specialized knowledge of someone familiar with it.


Vaults in a bank or financial institution usually require the specialized knowledge and tools of an expert who understands it. Many times, these banks will only work with specialized experts that they trust because of how it becomes a security problems threat if anyone were able to access the vault. You have many different protocols that exist for vaults, and as a general rule, most locksmiths don’t know how to open vaults.

Complicated and Rare Locks

When you choose someone for a locksmith, you should think twice before you let just anyone work on a complicated or rare lock because sometimes they don’t have the knowledge or experience to work on a deadbolt lock like this without breaking it. You may have a locksmith who will discuss with you the different options available to you for opening this type of lock.

Thumbprint and Visual Locks

Similar to smartlocks, you need someone specialized in IT to open a lock like this. You can find some locksmiths who may be able to do it, but it’s best if you ask them first because not everyone has this specialized knowledge that will allow them to open it. The other thing that we always say to consider is how many are available to do it. While you might have locksmiths who do understand this type of knowledge, they may only have one or two specialists who can do it, which means that it takes a longer time for them to dispatch a locksmith.

Unpickable Locks

Sometimes you see locks advertised as unpickable, and that may not be true that the lock can’t be picked. However, it will require a highly skilled professional to open it. They may not be able to open it using their usual set of tools, and in cases like this, they may charge you more for opening the lock. They may also charge more because of how it takes more time for them to open it. In some cases, the only way that they will open a lock like this is through replacing the lock altogether.

What to Do if Locksmith Can’t Open Your Lock

As you can imagine, this can lead to feelings of abandonment when even the locksmith doesn’t know how to open the lock. That said, as before, the locksmith might make a referral to a specialist for opening it. If they can’t make a recommendation, you might search online for a locksmith who understands how to open the type of lock that is needed. One of the best ways to find out is through first calling up the locksmith to see if they can open that type of lock. If you believe that this lock requires specialist knowledge, check with them first. The one thing to remember with more specialized locks is that it may cost of locksmith a little more because of how these locks require more knowledge.

In many cases, it won’t be a problem because of how locksmiths can open almost any general lock, but if it seems like a lock that might require more specialization, you may want to ask him first to avoid having any problems.

Can the Locksmith Open the Lock without Breaking It?

That’s the other question that you have to ask yourself because you don’t want to have to pay more to replace a lock if you don’t have to. Most reputable locksmiths will open locks without having to break them.

Speaking on a general basis, locksmiths can open most locks unless it requires some level of specialization. After that point, it depends on what type of lock that they have to open. The harder and more sensitive the lock, the more that it usually costs to have it opened.