Have you ever locked yourself out of your automobile or misplaced/lost the keys to your residential or business premises? What did you do? Did you break in or call a local locksmith to help you gain access?

Although some people prefer breaking into their locked houses or cars, it is advisable to rely on a locks’ expert. Locksmiths are the best option when you are in such a situation because they have the expertise needed to open various types of locks without causing significant damage. You may also require locksmith services when you need a security upgrade in your residence. A locksmith can also perform new key cuts whenever you need them.

When you need the services of a locksmith near me, it is critical for you to settle with a professional locksmith company such as A1 Locksmith Philadelphia, PA. We have a qualified team that can offer you a wide array of services to help you to secure your premises or gain access to your car, home, or business.

Locksmith services offered

Here is a list of the services that we offer.

Lock rekeying
Lock installation
Lock repairs
Key duplication
24/7 service
Lockout services
Car lockouts
Emergency car door unlocking
Automobile smart key duplication
Garage door repair philadelphia
Deadbolt installation
Locks changes
Car keys replacement
House lockouts

Why choose us?

If you reside in Philadelphia, you can rely on us for your local locksmith needs. For starters, we only work with a highly-skilled and trained team of technicians. Additionally, we are fully licensed and insured, which prompts us to deliver top-notch service. We also provide you with 24/7 locksmith services. As a result, you can contact us regardless of the time you realize that you’ve lost your keys or need your locks changed.

You must also know that when you hire a locksmith, the locksmith gains access to your personal belongings whether in the office or at home. That is why we endeavor to be completely honest when we offer our services. Our technicians only concern themselves with the task at hand and will never try to access your home or business without your authorization. We also ensure to deliver exemplary customer service.

Lockout Services

Getting shut out of your premises or vehicle can be quite frustrating. Trying to break in may end up damaging your lock(s), which calls for more expensive repair services. However, you can avoid these complications by calling for lockout services from a professional locksmith company.

After calling us and describing the nature of your problems, our team of qualified locksmiths will come with the equipment and skills necessary to help you gain access to your car or building once more. What’s more, your lock(s) get opened with minimal or no damage, thus saving you a significant amount of resources. Our lockout services are available to you even in emergencies. As a result, you don’t have to worry about getting locked out anymore. Our services are also affordable and efficient.

Lock Changes

Moving into a new residence or commercial premise requires a lot of work, including lock changes. You may need to keep your premises secure because you don’t want the previous owners or any other person to access your building. That’s where we come in. We understand that locks play a crucial role in the safety of your commercial and residential properties.

As a result, we work with proficient technicians who can replace, repair, and upgrade your locks. Our team is highly trained to change existing deadbolts, doorknobs, and other types of locks to newer or better models. Deadbolt SmartKey Therefore, if you’re uncertain of the security of your existing locks, contact us and we’ll come in no time to change them.

Lock Rekeying

Lock rekeying comes in handy when you want to upgrade the security in your residential or commercial premises. It entails changing the interior part of a lock so that you can open and lock it using a new key. Re-Key a Lock Kit This is a task that you cannot accomplish on your own, and it is advisable for you to find a locksmith near me to complete the task.

Rekeying best works for premises that see a lot of people come in and go throughout the day, especially with businesses that have a high rate of turnover. Instead of replacing the locks time and again, you can have them rekeyed. The process is much simpler and less costly as compared to replacing your locks with new ones. After the rekeying process, you can easily distribute the new keys to trustworthy people.

Emergency Car Door Unlocking

Have you ever heard, seen, or experienced a situation where a kid got locked inside a vehicle? If you have, then you know the level of panic a parent gets. Likewise, there are situations where you may lose or misplace your car keys, leaving you stranded.

If you’re in either situation, you don’t need to panic a lot. You need to hire our locksmith services because we will help you gain access to your vehicle. We can also repair damaged or broken car locks and fit your car with good replacement locks.

Car Keys Duplication

In such a case, we can program your car keys to repair or replace the key fob or the transponder. It is imperative to know that you cannot program a new key fob by yourself unless you conduct the right diagnostics on your vehicle. However, few possess this skill and that’s why you need to rely on professional locksmiths to carry out such tasks.

Moreover, you can find yourself in a situation where your car keys get stuck or brake while inside the ignition. You cannot start your vehicle when this happens, but our auto locksmiths can easily solve this problem for you and carry out the necessary repairs. If your keys snap, we also offer car key cutting services. If you also want your keys duplicated, we can have our technicians sort you out.

Lock Installation

Are you looking to have new locks installed? If you are, then we would advise that you look out for our professional services. Lock installation isn’t such a complex process, but it is best done by qualified, professional locksmiths. Why is that? This is because different types of doors have different types of locks that suit them.

Having a fresh installation means increased security within your premises. Those who had access before cannot go past the locks they previously had keys to. Moreover, burglars have a harder time accessing your premises.

If you wish to have the installations done to perfection, be sure to hire a fully qualified and certified locksmith such as A1 Locksmith Philadelphia. Our team has an extensive experience working in the region and will have a solution to any of your locks-related problems.