Your local locksmith performs a valuable duty with locks in several areas. One of the tasks that he can perform is to do rekeying services for high-security safes. If you happen to have lost your keys to the safe, you may want to check out A1 Locksmith Philadelphia. We’re a locksmith Philadelphia business that can unlock your safe.

Variety of Services for Safes

Before you call out your local locksmith, you should first check to see that they can handle safes. Not all locksmiths have the specialization to unlock safes. Some safes classify more as lockboxes, and most locksmiths near me can open lockboxes without a problem. Services that a locksmiths can perform with safes include:

Locksmiths Near Me

When you go to Google, “Locksmith near me,” one of the common threads to the scam comes from how people will first Google the name of the business. Many of the con artists will use the name and logo of a legitimate business. When you call them up on the phone, however, they will often give a generic and non-specific response, such as, “Hello, locksmith near me services.”

In one of the versions of this scam, as little as $15 gets quoted to put the caller on the hook. After the local locksmith arrives, however, they will switch up their story and say that it will cost more, giving one excuse or another. Be especially aware of extraordinarily low price quotes. Victims often wind up paying hundreds of dollars more than what they had to as these fly-by-night locksmiths near me prey off feelings of desperation.

Recover the Safe’s Combination

Your local locksmith can decode the safe combination. In some cases, he can’t recover the combination, so he might reset the combination back to its factory default. To save the most money, you may want to bring the safe into the locksmith shop. If the safe weighs too much, you might call the locksmith out to your property. Before you come in, you may want to bring in your safe’s model and brand.

Change the Safe Lock Combination

In some cases, the locksmith can’t recover the lock combination. For cases like that, he will simply reset the lock combination back to its original factory settings. This aids in the process of changing the combination. Even if you haven’t lost the lock safe combination, you might choose to change it because someone else knows the combination. For example, maybe you went through divorce and your ex-spouse knows the combination to the safe. You could change it to protect your valuables.

Repair the Safe Dial

Let’s say that you have experienced some problems with opening the safe. In some cases, the safe won’t open because of how the safe dial has been broken. Whether this happens because of mechanical errors or even because of a human mistake, safe repair experts can usually repair the safe. In most cases, a locksmith can repair the safe in 10 to 30 minutes, but it depends on the safe and the extent of the damage.

Maintain the Safe

Especially when you put extra cash into the safe, you want to do what you can to prevent a mechanical failure. That costs more than to have a locksmith maintain it. You occasionally need someone who can clean and clear out the bits of dust from the safe. In most cases, safe maintenance means that the locksmith will disassemble certain components, lube the moving parts and reassemble them. This prevents costly repairs because to repair your safe can cost a sizeable chunk of change.

Change the Batteries

As soon as you start to hear a beeping sound on the safe, you know that you will have to change the batteries. Most locksmiths near me recommend that you change the batteries once a year. The combination doesn’t get erased when you go to change the batteries. While you can change the batteries yourself, you could bring the safe to the locksmith shop if you haven’t had it bolted into concrete.

Upgrade the Locking Mechanisms of the Safe

Let’s say that you’d like to have the security of the safe a little more than its current setup. You can speak with a locksmith Philadelphia company to have the security on it upgraded. When you choose to do this, check to see that the person you use is a certified locksmith for safes.

What Happens When Safes Get Damaged Beyond Repair?

You have cases where a safe withstood a burglary, but in the unfolding, the burglar the damaged the safe beyond repair. At A1 Locksmith, we have had cases where we will repair a safe, but in some situations, you can’t repair the safe because it had too much damage done to it. For cases like that, we might recommend a new safe that fits your budget and protects the value of what you have inside the safe.

As specialists with safes, we can handle a variety of cases and perform a number of duties for different safes like:

Cases Where You Need a Locksmith to Open a Safe

We implore you not to ruin your safe by trying to force it open. Take it to a locksmith in cases like this. For example, maybe you lost your key to the safe. This type of lockout can be far more complex. In other cases, your safe sustained internal damage to the wiring. In particular, this problem becomes most common with electronic safes where the wire relays a signal from the locking bolts over to the keypad.

You have other cases where you might get damage to the locking mechanism of the safe. For example, let’s say that the safe was battered heavily. The heavy use of force damaged the locking mechanism, and ironically, kept the burglar out, but it kept you out too.

If you’re having a problem with your safe, you may want to take it to a locksmith. This can help you to access the contents inside while bringing it back to its normal condition through maintenance and repairs. In cases where a locksmith can’t return it to its original condition, they will make a recommendation for a new safe. Most locksmiths near me work with reputable safe brands.