Locksmiths | What Do Locksmiths Help With?

Locksmiths are an everyday thing now. With everything that you own requiring a key or chip reader. There are many reputable places to go, and some may not be the real thing, or they may honestly be scams. For today’s day and age, internet is a thing of beauty. All that information at your fingertips and the ability to find anything you need just with a quick internet search of what you’re needing. However, on the darker side of this, the internet is sometimes misleading, uninformative, and built to the teeth with scams and sales that only want to take your money or steal your personal information.

Locksmith Near Me

So, what do you do when you need a locksmith? You search the internet for: locksmith near me. Right? Well, most of us do. However, be aware that some may be unreputable, and are only after information or money. So how do you avoid situations like these? You don’t give any personal information out, plain and simple. However, so many times people fall into the trap that just because something they searched for comes up with a company name or logo and appears near the top of the search list, that it is reputable. However, that isn’t always the case. In fact, many scammers use this as a way to trick you into thinking that you are getting an amazing service and that you are paying more for their knowledge.

This Is a Warning To Be Careful

Beware of people charging more than you believe it should cost. If you don’t what it cost, then ask your family or friends. You don’t want to be charge $180 for something that typically costs $50. Likewise, you wouldn’t want to pay $20 for something that is usually $50. I know that today everyone is looking to save a buck, but really think about it. If many of the other services cost $50 then why is this one company only charging $20? It’s a scam. This is just one way to avoid a scam that could possibly harm you in the long term. Now, that’s not to say that everything is a scam, but just to show that there are a lot out there. This is a warning to be careful.

Finding a Good Locksmith

There are many other warning signs when it comes to scams, and I’m only going to talk a little more about them before I get into the specifics of finding a good locksmith. If they ask for a small installment to help you with a key over the phone or they ask to offer you money to accept their services, then 99 times out of 100 it’s a scam. Also, if they ask for your social security number, birth date, license number, or any other personal information, look out because they may be looking to steal your identity or steal all your money from your accounts. Just be prepared for things out there that can scam you, because even looking for a locksmith could be a scam.

Which One Is Right For You?

Now, with that out of the way. How do you find a locksmith that is right for you? There are so many out there, and how can you tell which one is right for you? Okay, maybe a locksmith isn’t that serious, but there has to be a certain amount of trust there to be able to give that person a key to your car, boat, house, shed, apartment, or business. There has to be a trust there that you know that this person will not copy your key and either sell it or make one for themselves. Not to scare anyone, again just a precaution.

Find The Right Locksmith

So, to find the right locksmith, what do you need to do? Well, I would first say to google search: locksmith near me. Then call many of them, have a conversation with them for a few minutes and gage their personality. The more relatable they are the more trust you will gain with them. You can check their testimonials or their star rating online. The star ratings aren’t always accurate as one customer may not have gotten their price and went anyways and is trying to sink them for their transgressions. Or a rival company may pay people to write bad reviews for another company. Trust me it happens. Honestly, just call and talk to them and see how they act and speak.

Local Locksmith

Another way you can figure out how to get the right locksmith is to ask around. Many of your friends, family, and co-workers have probably used a locksmith before for either locking themselves out, or getting a lock changed. Your personal support system can help you make the right decision. They have been where you are before and probably have done some of the same research, and if not then they might have a horror story about where they went. It never hurts to ask. You may have many different names from friends, family and co-workers, and have a variety of options to choose from or to eliminate. This will give you a general idea of where to begin your search.

Your Next Step

From there where do you go? Well, you have already checked around with your friends, family and co-workers and called around to find out who is legit, and this has probably narrowed your list down to about 10 or fewer. If not, then you can always look around more. Your next step then would be to check prices, and to be fair they all have around the same price maybe a dollar or so more here and there. So, to go with just price may save you 2 or 3 dollars and might save you more.

Closest Locksmith

Also, there is another way to narrow down your list and that’s distance. How far are they away? Are they in the same city? Do you have to drive across town? Where are they located? These are questions that you will ask, and this paired with the interview process when calling, your family and friends input, and the price should give you one or two businesses that you can choose from. If not, then try to call around again and search for the closest to you with the lowest price and go from there.

Chosen A Locksmith

Finally, once you have chosen a locksmith to take your key, one you trust, then you can go there and wait for them to make a copy of your key for you. Maybe you can go shopping while you wait. Or you can go to grab a lunch. Maybe you’re working and you have to go back before the key is done being copied. Well, they always save your key until you come back and pay for it. So, no matter what you will always be able to get your key when you can get it. Thanks to your research you can trust the people with your key and not have to worry about them selling it to someone else or copying it for themselves because you trust them.

Right Locksmith For You

When you get your key you pay the fee, and they give you back the original and the copy. It’s that simple. You have peace of mind because you did everything in order to find the right locksmith for you.
However, sometimes you may need locks changes, and this could be pricy. So, how do you get these lock changes. Well, you can go to your local locksmith home store and find locks for your door that will enable you to be able to perform locks changes, add a new lock, or put a lock on a door that you previously didn’t have a lock on before i.e. Bathroom or bedroom.

Call A1 Locksmith

So, for this you could do it yourself if you know how to put a lock on your door, or you can call a locksmith. If you put it on yourself, just be sure you don’t put it on backwards and have to redo it more than once. (Not talking from experience or anything). However, you can just search locksmith near me and find the right one for you. You can repeat the process above and have peace of mind for who you allow into or at your home. You can use the same one as before if they do home locks, some don’t, and are available to send someone over. However, this may not always be possible. Not all companies go door to door to help clients put in locks.

Locks Installation

So, you can call to have you locks put in and rely on someone to get the job done that you can’t do on your own. Wow, locksmiths are handy now that I really sit down and think about it. When they install your lock, and you only have one key to your house, and maybe you have kids or a spouse that needs a key what do you do? You can go back to the locksmith’s office, give them the key, and go get it when it is done.

Lockouts Services

Has anyone locked themselves out of their car? I know I have. I sat there trying to see if any door of it was unlocked so that I could get in. Don’t lose your keys in the summer either, a word from someone who’s already been there. However, if like me you couldn’t find an unlocked door, then you can call a locksmith. Locksmiths can come out and get some coat hanger looking object that may be in fact an actual coat hanger. They weave it into the cracks of the window so that locksmiths can unlock the door and get your keys for you. You pay them a fee and you’re on your way.

You may not have the time to do all the previous searching, so just ask someone you trust if they’ve had that issue before and if they have any recommendations. That’s a simple step and will probably have someone out to help you in a few minutes. I didn’t do any research, so I had to wait over an hour. So, for yourself, do research on who to call when you get into these situations. However, if you left your phone in your locked car then that is problematic. You’ll either have to call on locksmiths phones, walk to a store, or walk to the locksmiths yourself.

Locksmiths Near You

However, today’s day and age they think that it is just as simple as an internet search for locksmiths near you, and the first one that pops up must be the best. That’s not always the case, they might be the best or really good at their job, but you probably live in a city, and therefore there are a lot of people in Philadelphia. Right? Yes, so the top ones are probably the ones who are being called the most, not just for locked cars, but for all of their services. Therefore, they may have you wait an hour or two until they can get a technician to you.

Which can take a long time, and you are more than likely sitting at the store wondering how it happened, and saying to yourself, “I’m never going to do this again. I can’t believe this happened. This is embarrassing. How could I have done this.”
Well, fact of the matter is that the majority of people have locked themselves out of their car, house, or job, and have had to wait for locksmiths to let them in. You’re not alone, and you shouldn’t think that you are because it’s a common occurrence and can sometimes be an accident.

So, you can have A1 Locksmith in Philadelphia change your locks, copy your key, and save you when you lock yourself of. Also, one last note if you don’t trust the locksmith, you can just watch them as they make your copy.