What Are Locksmiths?

Locksmiths are people who specializes in making, fixing, changing, installing and repairing locks. Most locksmiths can install security systems for homes and businesses. they can make new keys to fit your locks or make master keys that fit any locks. There are some locksmiths companies that are available 24/7 and can be called anytime. Locksmiths are trained on how to install the different locks, systems and how to unlock lock doors without keys.

Types Of Locks

There are several different types of locks that locksmith changes. Also locksmiths changes locks on several different things. The things locksmiths lock changes are doors, windows, safes, cars, businesses, and any other things that requires locks. Locksmiths can also adjust locks if need be. There are freestanding locks and standard positioned locks.

The Types Of Padlocks

The common freestanding lock is the padlock. There are a few different kinds of padlocks. One type of padlocks is a combination lock. This lock has a series of numbers that you have to turn the dial to. There are key-based padlocks an these requires a key to unlock them. There are TSA approved locks which airports use to secure the luggage and only TSA employees are suppose to have the master key too. These locks are easy to pick through.

Types Of Deadbolts

Deadbolts are added to doors for more security. These can not be opened unless you have a key. There are four different types of deadbolts and they are single cylinder, double cylinder, lockable thumb-turn style and jimmy proof deadbolts. Single cylinder deadbolts are the common deadbolt used in American homes. These are used by a key on the outside and thumb-turn on the inside of the house. Double cylinder locks requires keys on the inside and outside.

These locks are not allowed on some houses in the United States due to housing codes. The lockable thumb-turn style is a hybrid between the other two deadbolts. This one can be locked from outside or inside. Jimmy proof deadbolts are used in apartments or on double doors. This lock is where the lock interlocks with a bracket.

Types Of Door Handle Locks

The next set of locks are door handle locks. There are normally paired with a deadbolt and these can be opened with brute force too. Lever handle locks are found more in the commercial sitting and are used on the interior doors. T-handle locks are used on vending machines and atms.

Types Of Cylinder Locks

There are cylinder locks which includes Mortise/rim cylinder locks. These are considered more secure then deadbolts and are actual two different locks that are similar. There are interchangeable core cylinders which their design makes it easy to change because you do not have to take apart to change the core. Rim latch locks come in handy because they are set to auto lock when you shut the door.

These should be paired with another lock too. Key in knob cylinders are really common because they are found in knob locks, lever locks and even some deadbolts. Single Euro profile cylinder will only work with a key on one side. Double Euro profile cylinder can have a hey on both sides. Thumb-turn has a key on one end and the thumb-turn on the inside.

Other Types Of Locks

Furniture locks have two different types: bolt style and push button. The bolt style has a key to lock it and the push button is when you just push the lock back in to lock it and a key to unlock it. Cam locks are found in filing cabinets and mailboxes. Wall mounted locks are like small safes and are mounted to the wall. Electronic (digital) locks can either swipe a card or have a pin code to unlock it. Smart locks are new technology and requires the use of smartphones.

Types Of Automotive Locks

They types of automotive locks are standard key entry, electronic locks, and key-less entry. Standard key entry are used in older model cars. These are easier to get into if you have lost your keys or if you lock the keys in the car. It is also easier to get keys made for your car. Electronic locks are on the newer model cars.

You can unlock your car by a push of a button. This also makes your keys a little more expensive because they have to be coded to your car. Key-less entry in a car means that you do not need a key at all. The key-less entry can be a fob or a keypad. The key fob has to be so close to the car before it will start. However, these type of fobs are really expensive to replace. The price is a bad thing but the extra protection you have is worth it.

Types Of Business Locks

A lot of the business locks are just like locks that you would use in your house. When looking at business most of the time on the front door, they will have a deadbolt to lock it and then on the inside they will the door lever handles. The door lever handles is used to help people that might be disabled to open the doors.

Security Systems That Can Be Installed

Several locksmith companies also install security systems. A locksmith Philadelphia even sells, installs, and maintain the cameras they put up with their systems. They can install Hd video cameras, night vision and motion sensors, motion tracking cameras and recording systems, they do the full work up when installing your system. They even provide any support that you may need.

The common freestanding lock is the padlock. There are a few different kinds of padlocks. One type of padlocks is a combination lock. This lock has a series of numbers that you have to turn the dial to. There are key-based padlocks an these requires a key to unlock them. There are TSA approved locks which airports use to secure the luggage and only TSA employees are suppose to have the master key too. These locks are easy to pick through.

Changing Locks Out For Customers

When working on changing locks for customers, it takes different amounts of time depending on what type of lock it is, the job or security system that is being done. There are several different tools that can be used for the jobs that you have to do for customers and picking the best tool for it is what makes good locksmiths. Locks changes are serious jobs because you have to make sure you trust the people who is coming in and changing the locks out.

Who Should You Get When Needing Locks Changed?

When needing your locks change, re-keyed, repaired, or a security system installed, then you need to pick a locksmith near me and a trusted one. You might need to have different locksmiths for your home, automotive, or business needs. Unless you can find a locksmith, like Locksmith Philadelphia that is a one stop shop. They provide you with all your locksmith needs and are a very trusted company. When needing new keys or new locks, you need a company that you can trust to hire people that will not steal your keys or make them copies of your key so they can come back later and get in.

A1 Locksmith Philadelphia

A1 locksmiths Philadelphia is a company that has businesses all over the United States and there is more then likely a locksmith near me that can provide me with any type of service that you need. They have top of the line locksmiths that are trained to deal with any type of locking problems and are able to fix them. They work hard to provide excellent customer service in locks changes and any other need that you might have when it comes to locks and security.

Trusted Companies

There are several companies out there that can help you with all your needs in your area, however, you also have to make sure that you read the reviews and do your research. When looking at reviews from your peers that use the same company, then you can see if their service is as good as what they advertises.

Problems That Do Not Take Very Long But Requires a Locksmith

When deciding on if you need a locksmith or not, you need to decide on if it will do any damage if you do it your self. If it will then you will probably need to call a locksmith to come help you with your needs. If you lock your keys in your car, then you might need to call a locksmith. Locksmiths has the tools to pop the locks and get you in your car in the matter of minutes and not cause any damages.

Types Of Deadbolts When You Do Not Know Where To Look

Sometimes if you have never used a locksmith, then you do not know where to look to find one that would fit your needs. You can always use the internet to find a company that is near you and that can fit your needs. This can take some time because finding a company that fits your needs and that you think that you can trust requires time to research. When you do not have the time to research, then you can call family members to see who they might recommend or who they use when they need a locksmith. Locksmiths are there when you need them and it is important to develop a friendship with your locksmith because you never know when you would need them.

The Importance Of Locksmiths

Locksmiths are important because there are times that you do not know how to fix the problem that you have so you need someone that is trained in it. There is also times that you do not have the time to change the locks or install a security system and you need someone who knows what they are doing and has the equipment to do what ever you need done. Locksmiths helps people everyday and play the hero sometimes.

If you have lock your car by mistake and your keys and baby is in the car, then if there is a locksmith near by that can unlock your car then you are not having to bust a window out to get in. Locksmiths can provide you with several different services depending on what you need done.

Ways To Get a Hold Of Locksmith

Sometimes locksmiths have different ways you can get a hold of them. You can call them and some have an email address and after hours line that you can call or text if you need help. Emailing the locksmith would take longer for replies unless they have it to where it is sent to their phones or an assistant that is at a computer watching the email account. Texting and calling would be the fastest way to get a hold of them.