Abraham O. Stansbury of England first invented locks in 1805, and they have grown in complexity ever since. You might wonder how smart locks compare to the regular locks and what acts with greater security. Gradually, the security of locks have faded into the background and most people don’t even pay much attention to it as a home security measure, nowadays.

Which Lock Works for You?

Technology drives us ever-forward into the modern world, but this has the potential to complicate tasks. For someone not familiar with technology like a more elderly person, they might find smart locks intimidating. Others believe that it doesn’t offer enough security to protect families, which is a valid point raised.
You might choose a traditional lock if:

  • You prefer a straightforward way to lock doors.
  • Getting enhancements to your locks matter.
  • You believe in the security of a traditional lock.
  • The security of a deadbolt comforts you.

On the other hand, you might choose a smart lock if:

  • You prefer an automated version of the traditional lock.
  • The technology engages electronically or remotely, and you prefer this.
  • Control through the smartphone appeals to you.
  • Unparalleled comfort and ease.
  • You’d like to monitor the status of your lock.

What Kind of Security Does an Electronic Lock Offer?

Ever since they first entered the market, security experts have questioned the actual security of the electronic lock. In fact, most advertisements never even mentioned the security of the smart lock, but they instead chose to market this as a cool new tech gadget that everyone should have.

Smart Locks

In most cases, the smart lock uses the same level of security as what you’d get with a smart lock. The security doesn’t always hold up to the traditional lock, but you do have cases where the smart lock can compete with it at the least. Your local locksmith will also most likely tell you how because of the design of this smart lock, you can’t make additions easily.

Speaking with a locksmith near me, you will also learn the vulnerabilities of these locks. Through simple bypass methods, anyone can get in with the right training. While all locks can get picked, you don’t want to make an expensive lock change with a locksmith near me only to find out that people can easily break into your home.

Why the Traditional Lock Had an Advantage

You had one distinctive advantage that came from a traditional lock. That is to say, you had to pick the smart lock if you wanted to get through. You had no other choice to get through it. With the smart lock, any local locksmith will tell you how this opens up your security on the cyber end as well. Now, they have two points of entry where they could get in. This makes a lock change sound less appealing.

The Coolness Advantage

The biggest draw from the smart lock comes from its cool techie related aspect. You can control and monitor the lock through the cyber realm, and you can hand out a temporary spare key to other people. In addition, the added convenience of these locks come into play as well. When you speak with a locksmith near me, they will most likely tell you how much easier it is to get into your home. You don’t have to fumble around with your keys in the dark to get inside. These locks focus more on the efficiency end than security. That becomes its main sell point, and some people may prefer the traditional lock because of it.

Biggest Security Vulnerabilities of the Smart Lock

The smart lock poses a direct risk because of hackers getting straight into the home. They can see the communication between the data and the smart lock, and they can use this as an easy entrance point into your home. While messages between the mobile app and the lock are secured through encryption, researchers found that hackers could intercept the key itself.

Not All Traditional Locks Created Equal

Just because some traditional locks will have greater security doesn’t mean that they all will have greater security. As any local locksmith will tell you, some traditional locks can be cracked quite easily.

With any lock, whether a smart lock or a regular lock, several factors determine the security, such as:

How Secure are Traditional Locks?
In truth, most traditional locks will have the security advantage. An area that sees a significant amount of traffic might have less lock strength, but in general, the tried-and-true locks work better than the traditional locks. As any local locksmith will tell you, however, the level of security depends on if homeowners installed them with security in the first place. A good lock will follow some of the best practices of the industry.
If you want the highest security with a traditional lock, you have to get protection on all fronts, such as security to:

  • Lock picking
  • Drilling
  • Key bumping
  • Unauthorized key duplication
  • Snapping

When you go to look at a lock, you have to protect from all fronts. The biggest problem with a smart lock is how it gets opened up to another security problem, such as the cyber level. In addition, technology has a tendency of breaking down.


While it might look fantastic on the surface, the smart lock has a lot of vulnerabilities that make doing a locks changes less attractive. Some people may appreciate the convenience over the security, but most people will probably prefer the traditional lock because of how it offers you a much greater advantage in this regard. At the same time, while the smart lock does have a few security threats, that doesn’t make it a bad choice altogether. If you choose the right brand, you will get plenty of security with it.